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Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring Mug

Authored By Chen Kwang Han

I had received the mug. This interesting mug is actually come out long long ago, however I still gonna make a small review about this so called Self Stirring Mug. I bet there are still many people out there like me who don't know about this Mug. It come with a packing box with a Mug inside.
Self Stirring Mug
With just a capacity of 400ml, this mug consist of different piece of materials. The outermost part of this Mug features an appealing & classic design. The outer layer is Stainless Steel for most of the part & inner lining of the cup feature a matte textured black double insulated food grade plastic. The handle of the mug, battery cover and the battery compartment is made of plastic as well. At the bottom of the Mug, you'll find a stirring mechanism like a tiny plastic propeller. This typical mug has a large yellow button to switch on the stirring mechanism. 

Using the Mug

This Mug run on two AAA batteries which is not included in the package. Click on the Large yellow button, you'll notice the plastic propeller turning. It is fairly impressive and it can suit to make a coffee & many of your favorite beverages such as chocolate, syrup , milk tea & etc. with a fresh batteries, the liquid will fill to the top of the mug & it might overflow due to the centrifugal force. 



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